Monthly Archives: January 2013

Ravens @ Patriots:

Rob Gronkowski loss more than just a blow to pass game

Shane Vereen emerging at just the right time

How Ravens and Patriots grew familiar over the years

Check out NFC below….

49ers @ Falcons:

Matt Ryan still forging reputation in the clutch

Colin Kaepernick the latest dual-threat QB to face Falcons, yet a unique challenge

John Abraham’s effectiveness critical for Atlanta defense on the edge


Seahawks @ Falcons:

In cruel irony, the 2010 Falcons offense better foil for this Seattle defense

Matt Ryan following Peyton Manning playoff track

Marshawn Lynch primed for divisional-round “Beast Mode”

Check out Texans-Patriots below….

Texans @ Patriots:

Gronkowski, Hernandez present nightmare matchup

Arian Foster using column as playoff fuel, but will it matter?

J.J. Watt must meet
the “Best Defensive Season Ever” hype to slow Patriots


Seahawks vs. Redskins:

Reservation for taking Seahawks on road? My quick take for @sportingnews #redskins

Russell Wilson, RG3 highlight key draft haul for both Seahawks and Redskins — my condensed take @sportingnews

The Shanahan playoff coaching history

Colts vs. Ravens

Ravens will need vintage Ray Lewis (and Ed Reed for that matter) against the Colts—or even just 2011 form @sportingnews

Colts have given Baltimore fans plenty to be bitter about well after the Mayflower trucks left @sportingnews #ravens

Flacco 3-0 on wild-card weekend, but here’s quickly digging a little deeper than QB W-L @sportingnews #ravens #colts