Final-hour updates to sway Week 17 ATS picks

Cowboys at Redskins (-3)

Week 17 arrived rather light on games featuring two teams with major seeding motivation; the battle outside D.C. being the only one where both have a shot at opening with a home playoff game.

Fortunately, Cowboys-Redskins will be devoid of questions about resting starters. Two starters figured to face off all game long are Dez Bryant and DeAngelo Hall, matching the league’s hottest receiver right now (sorry Megatron) against a gambler who makes big plays but also gets burned his fair share. To boot, the ‘Skins’ safety help isn’t the best.

How the Redskins execute their game-plan for Bryant could very well prove the difference.

Arizona at San Francisco (-16.5)

I don’t care how bad the Cardinals have been this year, a potent offensive performance will be needed to cover 16.5 against a good defense.

Jacksonville at Tennessee (-4)

I’m not sure that makes the difference with the Titans giving 4. This year it’s just been a matter of whether he breaks a long run. In games where that doesn’t happen, CJ2K has produced almost nothing.

Lame-duck inspiration?

This sort of thing is almost impossible to predict. Sometimes a team gives their lame duck a fulfilling send-off, other times the squad is just too checked out. Don’t let it affect how you pick against the spread.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati (-2.5)

Between this and Marvin Lewis’ apparent regret over resting starters in the past, this sways me over to the Ravens side — even though Tyrod Taylor has looked good in preseason play while rookie Bernard Pierce has gotten it done in meaningful action.


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