Love, love Deadspin, but NFL previews seem lost between actual analysis and a joke

Once I saw the Steven Jackson “free tip,” this being the Steven Jackson that has only missed two games over the past three seasons as unquestioned starting back, I just assumed this was written in 20 minutes and didn’t read.

The truth is that with so much in-depth NFL preview coverage everywhere it’s really hard to get into Deadspin’s, be it the fantasy football analysis or the “Why your team sucks” series. The over-the-top, screaming disparagement akin to Sam Kinison on paper works hilariously when it comes to “The Hater’s Guide To The 2012 London Summer Olympics” but falls somewhere between not funny and not insightful thus far with much of the Deadspin NFL preview coverage.

I say this with a mix of understanding — Deadspin’s wheelhouse is ripping sports and sports media to shreds in a real-time, written “The Daily Show”-ish manner — and the utmost respect — I read Deadpsin all the time for the aforementioned reason.

The 2012 preview coverage just seems lost in an abyss between trying to do a bit and trying to advertise actual NFL coverage. It’s just not working for me; After about three Why Your Team Sucks I stopped seeing the point when I can swing by a zillion other sites to prepare for the coming season and get that NFL intravenous going, and even more sites — along with countless other Deadspin articles — where I can have a good laugh.

Not that there is zero merit to the work — the jaded fan excerpts section from Why Your Teams Sucks provides a pretty nice angle and can be worthwhile at times.

Fan excerpt from the Ravens edition (the last “Team Sucks” I read):

“I cannot tell you how un-shocked I will be when Jacoby Jones drops a pass that ends our season.”


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