AFC preseason myths

Below are myths for each AFC team that I’ve seen or heard multiple times this offseason from companies that earn revenue for sharing NFL analysis. I will not name names because I’m just not all jacked up to call people out right now.

Some of these are understandable and quite debatable. Some are embarrassing. Some are just annoying but prevalent.

(In quotations is the myth, sometimes followed by my clarifying take when I feel is necessary.)

Patriots: “Brandon Lloyd will dilute Gronk’s fantasy value.”

Bills: “The defensive line is much improved but that doesn’t make this defense one of the league’s best.” There’s nothing more critical for a 4-3 defense that to be absolutely filthy from end to end, and the Bills have that. The LB corps is underrated, they’re excellent at safety and Stephon Gilmore should be able to step in and provide an immediate boost at cornerback. Expect them to be among the AFC’s best defenses.

Jets: “Jets are better off running a lot of wildcat.” No, just no.

Dolphins: “Ryan Tannehill shouldn’t be thrown to the wolves already given the barren state of talent on offense; It would be harmful to his development.”

Steelers: “Isaac Redman’s a decent RB-2 in fantasy.”

Ravens: “Ray Rice is not a relatively elusive running back.”

Browns: “Trading up to No. 3 to draft a running back is an acceptable decision in 2012.”

Bengals: “The Bengals running game remains just as lack luster with BenJarvus Green-Ellis as it did with Cedric Benson.”

Texans: “Matt Schaub better watch his back for T.J. Yates.” Yeah, this actually happened.

Colts: “Andrew Luck’s sensational preseason debut is reason to take the over on Colts’ season win total (line was at 5.5).”

Jaguars: “Blaine Gabbert had a terrible rookie year therefore he is definitely a bust.”

Titans: “Matt Hasselbeck is just too old to be a quality starter.” Had best QB rating in red-zone last year, and is either a quality starter or the league’s best back-up option.

Broncos: “Peyton Manning’s O-line should be much better than it was in Indy.” I’d go with “marginal.

Chargers: “Philip Rivers is regressing.” He barely had a chance to breathe behind that terrible line last year, and actually threw some extremely impressive performances after they plugged Jared Gaither in there at left tackle. Look for the old Rivers this year.

Raiders: “Greg Knapp’s RB committee comments diminish Darren McFadden’s fantasy value.” Even if McFadden’s per-game carries are significantly cut — which I’m still skeptical about — wouldn’t that increase the chances of McFadden not missing significant time like usual?

Chiefs: “Dontari Poe could very well be another D-line first-round bust like Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey.” Neither Jackson nor Dorsey are busts, and actually both providing starting stalwarts on run D at starting end for the Chiefs

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