NFC offseason myths for each team

(Photo found on Fan Saloon)

Below are myths for each NFC team that I’ve seen or heard multiple times this offseason from companies that earn revenue for sharing NFL analysis. I will not name names because I’m just not all jacked up to call people out right now.

Some of these are understandable and quite debatable. Some are embarrassing. Some are just annoying but prevalent.

(In quotations is the myth, sometimes followed by my clarifying take.)

Cowboys: “Tony Romo is better than Eli Manning because he threw more touchdowns and fewer interceptions last season.”

‘Skins: “Kirk Cousins was a good draft pick because having two good quarterbacks is better than one.”

Eagles: “The kinks at linebacker have been fixed.” DeMeco Ryans hasn’t been the same since that Achilles tear, Mychal Kendrick is a rookie and Brian Rolle enters years two. I’d say that’s still a pretty big question mark.

Giants: “Who in the NFL is this season’s Victor Cruz?” Kind of asinine to assume someone will come completely out of the blue in-season at the receiving position and have the impact Victor Cruz did on a Super Bowl champ. Not saying Cruz is as good, but that’s like asking “Who’s this season’s Kurt Warner?” Chances extremely high that no proper analogy will emerge.

Bears: “Jay Cutler is an erratic quarterback.”

Packers: “Matt Flynn’s late-season performance diminishes Aaron Rodgers’ body of work.”

Vikings: “Minnesota is the worst team in the league.” Too many good players, close in too many games last year to take that distinction from the Browns and Colts — and can argue a few others in there.

Lions: “Stafford has no one good to throw to besides Megatron.”

Saints: “They’re fine without Sean Payton; Drew Brees is a coach on the field!”


Panthers: “Jon Beason returning will make this one of the league’s best linebacker units.”

Bucs: “The addition of Carl Nicks along with having multiple Pro Bowlers makes this a good O-line.”

Seahawks: “Seattle has nothing at receiver, unless T.O. or Braylon Edwards pans out.” Doug Baldwin should be pretty good, there’s evidence Golden Tate could still emerge as a solid option and Sydney Rice if healthy (yeah, I know, BUT) provides a crucial deep threat to this mix.

49ers: “The 49ers won’t have a great turnover differential or field position ranking like last season because that shouldn’t happen two years in a row #REGRESSIONALWAYS.” I think chances are that they will rank among the top five in turnover differential along with offensive and defensive starting field position. They have the league’s best punter and an incredibly rare blend of skill, continuity and players entering their prime on defense. So Jim Harbaugh can afford to continue staying super-conservative will Alex Smith.

Rams: “Steven Jackson is a beat-up, breaking-down rent-a-car.” Guy’s in his 20s, and still looked good (and stayed healthy) last year. I give him at least one more good year, maybe even two.

Cards: “John Skelton is just a winner. Tebow-esque.”


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