#Yikes: On turning Freeh Report into Theatre of the Grotesque

Offensive URL, great article, offensive AND great comments section. ESPN’s idea of macabre theatre? Offensive AND not great.


Deadspin probably had “tard” in their initial headline, forming the URL, changed it to “ESPN Trots Out Matt Millen To Fumble His Way Through The Freeh Report,” but forgot to adjust the URL. Too bad when I post it to Facebook the headline related to the URL still shows up, and I look kind of boorish without pointing that out.

Nonetheless, spot-on take by Drew Magary at Deadspin. And a perhaps inappropriate comments section (read article first):

That screenshot is not the kind of thing that bothers me. Tastefully tangential, enough.

Not in the “Let’s make jokes about Paterno on Twitter today because the Freeh Report came out” kind of way, which just doesn’t seem funny to me. And it feels too classic Twitter: Oh, big news so I have to sift through 20 scornful JoePa jokes on my Twitter TL to find any real insight on here, even though, yep, this news is about the most disturbing disregard of child molestation in recent memory.

I’m not the political correctness police by any means and these tweets are all directed at the guilty party, and joke about whatever you want (funny) I don’t really care, and of course inappropriate intersects with hilarious so spectacularly, but is everyone really in the mood for 30 one-liners on this?


I do feel sympathetic toward the Paterno family, even if their statement is downright offensive. Very few can really describe what they’re going through: Your dead dad/husband turned out to be kind of a monster in the last 13 years of his life. Like, how do you react to that? Not by putting out that statement, but they’re going through a lot and I assume knew nothing about the molestations.

I also feel bad for Millen. It seems like ESPN’s just trotting him out there like a zombie, on what’s probably a very rough day for him. He’s barely (to be generous) even making sense out there. Keep him on the sidelines today, don’t just drag him in because he’s Penn State, and ask him how he feels. As Magary pointed out, no way he’s read into that extensive report encompassing 430 interviews, 3.5 mil emails and documents.

A wince-inducing appearance for what purpose, dramatic television? I certainly hope not.


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